To order a physical card for your wallet please proceed with the Create A Card instructions seen here in your Cards Tab.

Under the "Type of Card" option, Select whether you want to create a physical Rho Card or a virtual card. Rho will send the physical card by mail. Virtual cards can be used instantly upon creation.

Please take special note of the following!

  • NOTE: WE CANNOT SHIP PHYSICAL CARDS TO P.O. BOXES. Physical card shipping addresses must be physical addresses.

  • NOTE: When your physical card arrives: In order to activate your card please follow the pamphlet of instructions you were sent in the envelope with your new card. This will include a QR code and a special activation website. Please note, attempting to activate this card by "unlocking it" in your Rho account under the Cards Tab will not work.

  • NOTE: Physical cards and virtual cards can not share numbers / CVV codes / Expiration Dates. Each created card is its own unique card, therefore two cards, one virtual, and one physical cannot have the same number or be used as the same card.

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