Your virtual & physical Rho cards can now be added to your Apple Wallet for a quick, contactless, and secure way to pay.

Set up is simple - follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Go to your Wallet app and click the + button in the right-hand corner

  2. Select the Card Type “Credit” (even if you are using our one-day cards)

  3. Position your Rho physical or virtual card in the frame using your camera to virtually add your card details. Alternatively, you may click “Enter Card Details Manually”

  4. Verify your card details are correct and enter your 3-digit CVV security code

  5. Review Rho’s Terms & Conditions and click “Agree”

  6. For your added security, you may be asked to verify your Rho Card account via two-factor authentication by “Text Message” or “Email”.

  7. A six-digit code will be sent to your email address or phone number on file, enter your code in the field provided.

  8. Your Rho Card is now active in your Apple Wallet and ready to use at contactless point-of-sale terminals that support Apple Pay.

For more information see Apple’s support document

How to use your Rho Card in Apple Pay at a contactless point-of-sale terminal

  1. Select your Rho Card via the Apple Wallet app

  2. Double-click the right-hand button on the side of your iPhone when a near contactless point-of-sale terminal

  3. Verify your identity using Face ID or your Passcode

  4. You will now be prompted to hold your phone near the contactless reader

  5. Hold near the reader until the purchase has been completed

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