Easily view your accrued Rho cash rewards in your ‘Rewards Account’ in your Rho Banking tab! With our new Rewards account you gain complete visibility into your total rewards balance, rewards earned this period, rewards earned to date, and your cash back rate. You can also quickly redeem your rewards or manage your cash back rate directly in your ‘Rewards Account’.

Rho Reward Accruals:

Enjoy frictionless cash back rewards with Rho. No complicated points scheme, no convoluted redemption. Just cash rewards that are automatically yours when you make a repayment on your Rho Card. Earn up to 1.75% on card spend with your Rho Card.

  • Accrued rewards for our 30, 45, and 60 days cards are automatically deposited into your Rewards Account 1-5 days following repayment.

  • This includes both scheduled and interim repayments - the corresponding rewards will be deposited after each repayment made.

  • Accrued rewards for our 1-day card are automatically deposited into your Rewards Accounts within 1-5 days of the statement close date.

  • To redeem your cash back rewards, simply transfer a specified dollar amount or the full reward balance from your Rewards Account into your Primary Operating Account.

  • Rewards are earned on settled transactions only

Please note: Late payments do not earn rewards for transactions during that statement period. However, your next statement’s transactions will earn rewards when you make that repayment on time.

In the case of refunds, returns, disputes, fraud, or other transaction reversals, rewards will be subtracted from the following periods accrued rewards to net out the difference.

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