No, Rho cards do not have PINs.

If you are with a merchant and they are telling you that they need a PIN to complete your charge, or if your card is denied at the point of sale due to not having a PIN, you can:

  1. Ask the merchant to run the card as credit not debit

  2. When asked for a PIN on the keypad do not enter one, and press "continue" or "enter" (usually the yellow or green key), and the charge should go through

  3. Try a different terminal in the store

This is fairly common with credit cards. Anytime you see a PIN request, it means the terminal is trying to process the charge as a debit transaction, but Rho cards are all credit, even our one-day cards! Credit cards do not use PINs for verification, it uses codes embedded inside the chip, stripe or CVV code.

NOTE: If asked for a pin multiple times the point of sale (POS) will say “Enter PIN”, however, many will say "Press ENTER to continue” or “Bypass PIN” or have a green button to proceed. Any of these alternate actions to entering a PIN should result in completing your transaction.

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