Budget Owners and Employees do not have access to the "Banking Tab" by design. Therefore in order for them to make a payment to a Payee they will need to use the Accounts Payable workflow.

  1. Make sure the Payee is created and their Payment Type added.

    1. Adding a Domestic Payment Type

    2. Adding an International Payment Type (please note, at this time, only international payments in USD can be sent through the Accounts Payable tab. To send a payment in another currency, the Account Owner or Account Administrator would need to set this up in the Banking tab).

  2. Go to your Accounts Payable tab, select "Bills" at the top, click on "Create New Bill" in black and begin Creating A Bill.

    1. Budget Owners and Employees will only be able to do the following:

      1. Upload the invoice

      2. Fill out Payee Details

      3. Fill out Invoice Details

        1. NOTE: Please make sure the Payment Date is set as a business day (Monday-Friday). Any payment dates set for weekend days (Saturday or Sunday) will not be sent, and be reflected as "overdue" in your Payments Tab

      4. Fill out Account Coding.

    2. Select the Payment Instructions by selecting the bank account that you wish the funds to be deducted from.

  3. Click Save Changes.

  4. The Account Approvers or Administrators will then need to be alerted by the team member creating the Bill to log into Rho, add the Payment Instructions on the Bill and approve the payment to be sent.

    1. Please note that no automatic notification is currently sent to the Approvers or Administrators for unfinished bills, however our team is currently working on that feature!

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