With our new MasterCards, you will receive 1.75% cashback on each purchase you make! No minimum spend requirements!

For our one-day card account-holders, cashback will be posted in one lump sum the following month after your charges take place (specifically, on the 5th business day of each month). For example, any cashback you earn in June, will be credited in one payment in the first week of July. All cashback payments will be credited to your new Rho Rewards checking account. Additionally, for accounts on our one-day cards program, there is no minimum spend needed to accrue cashback with our new MasterCards!

Accrued rewards for our 30, 45, and 60 days card programs are automatically deposited into your Rewards Account 1-5 days following repayment. This includes both scheduled and interim repayments - the corresponding rewards will be deposited after each repayment made. Accrued rewards for our 1-day card are automatically deposited into your Rewards Accounts within 1-5 days of the statement close date.

Please note cashback now applies to both domestic and international card (charges outside the US)!

As part of the Mastercard World Elite Business program, Rho customers also earn cashback at participating merchants through Mastercard Easy Savings. To learn more see our Mastercard Easy Savings help article.

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