Rho's "Transfers" and "Accounts" Tabs have merged into our new and improved "Banking Tab!" Simplifying your banking needs all in one place!

When you login to Rho, you'll be directed right to this tab.

From here, "select" the account you would like to operate. To do so, scroll under "All Accounts"on the left side of the screen. Once you choose an account, that account box will highlight in black, and the right side of the screen will populate with that account's activity and information (like so!):

Once you are "in" that specific account, you can look to the right side of your screen and choose from the following actions! :

  1. Make a Payment from that account

  2. Deposit Funds into that account

  3. View Account Details (Including Instructions to Receive Funds & Statements)

  4. Export a CSV of Transactions

  5. Make an Internal Transfer Between your Checking and Treasury Accounts under this entity

  6. Sync Quickbooks

No need to scroll to another tab! Everything is right here and user friendly! If you have any questions about Rho's new look, please reach out to our Client Service Team via the chat bubble on the bottom right hand side of your screen!

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