The Rho application allows you to create Labels that can be assigned to any budget, transaction, or bill in Rho. To create a Label, click the Budget icon from the Rho Toolbar and select Labels.

The Labels page lists all of the labels that have been created for your company, as well as the amount of money that has been spent during the specified period. Select a label to view it.

The Labels page is divided into two subtabs:

  • Active
    Displays all labels that are currently in use.

  • Archived
    Displays all labels that have been archived.

Viewing label details

To view all transactions associated with a specific label, select the its name from the Labels page to open the Label details page. For more information, see

Creating a new label

To create a new label, click the New Label button.

  • Class Name
    Enter the desired name for your label.

  • Color Label
    Click the drop-down arrow and select the desired color for your label.

When finished, click Save Changes to add the label to the Labels page.

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