The Payments page lists all of the bills and invoices that Rho is scheduled to pay or has already paid. To access the Payments page, click the Payments tab after selecting the Accounts Payable icon, if needed.

By default the Scheduled tab is displayed, listing all of the scheduled bills and invoices in tabular format. Click the Paid tab to view all of the already paid bills.

The bills are listed in tabular format. The table includes the following columns:

  • Created
    The date when the bill was created.

  • Status
    The current status of the payment.

  • Payee
    The person or organization to receive payment from Rho.

  • Amount
    The amount of money in USD to be paid to the payee.

  • Due Date
    The date when the bill is due to be paid.

  • Due In
    The number of days until the due date passes. If a bill is past its due date, a negative number is displayed.

  • Attachment
    Lists if any files are attached to the bill.

Revoking Scheduled Bills

To revoke a bill that is scheduled to be paid, click the Additional Options (ellipsis) button and select Revoke Bill. The bill is no longer scheduled, and is given a status of Not Acknowledged. For more information, see How Do I Revoke a Scheduled Bill?

Viewing Bill Details

To view the details for any bill, click the Additional Options button and select View Bill to access the Bill Details page. For more information, see How do I view Bill Details?

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