The Accounts Payable - Reports page provides a dashboard of all of your Accounts Payable transactions, such as bills and invoices, payments, scheduled payments, pending approvals, etc.

To view the Reports page, click the Accounts Payable icon from the Rho Toolbar.

The Accounts Payable Menu lists the following information at the top of the Accounts Payable page:

  • Total Bills Outstanding
    The total amount of money to be paid for all bills and invoices currently captured by the Rho application.

  • Open Bills
    The total number of bills captured by the Rho application that are listed, outstanding, scheduled, or requiring approval.

  • DPO
    The average number of days that your bills and invoices are outstanding.

The Aging Report displays your historic payment information in a graphical representation. By default the Aging Report is displayed as a bar graph. Click the Line Graph icon to change the Aging Report graph from a bar graph to a line graph.

The Accounts Payable lists provide a overview of your bills, approvals, and payments for your Rho account, as well as a history of your recent transactions Click the View More button to access the applicable Accounts Payable page.

The lists are divided into three tables:

  • All Bills
    Any outstanding bills and invoices for your Rho account.

  • Needs Approval
    Any bills that require approval before Rho can submit payment.

  • Scheduled Payments
    Any bills that are currently scheduled for Rho to submit payment.

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