To print a receipt or confirmation page of a transaction you've created:

  • Start by clicking on the Account Icon on your black toolbar to take you to your Accounts Tab.

  • From there, select the transaction you would like to print from your Recent Transactions or Pending transactions sections of your main Account Page. (Note, by clicking "View All" under either category, you can view more transactions than what is displayed on your main account page. By clicking on the top right hand button you can view/sort transactions by This Month, Last Month, This Year, or All Time)

  • When you click on the transaction, a window to the right of your screen will open, displaying transaction details.

  • On that window, select the words Print Transaction in green at the top of the window.

  • This selection will prompt a PDF download of your transaction confirmation. Once you save it to your computer you can email it to your recipient, or file it for later viewing.

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