To add a user to the Rho application, click the + button from the Manage Users page. For more information about the Manage Users page, see Understanding the Manage Users page.

Specify the following information, and click Save Changes.

  • First Name
    Specify the user’s first name.
  • Last Name
    Specify the user’s last name.
  • Email Address
    Specify the user’s email address. When the profile is created, the Rho application sends an email message to the user inviting them to the Rho application.
  • Phone Number
    Specify the user’s phone number. If this phone number is a cell phone, the user can use this number for two-factor validation, when required.
  • User Role
    Click the drop-down list and select the desired role for the user in the Rho application. For more information about User Roles, see Roles & Permissions.
  • Monthly Spending Limit
    Enter the amount of money that the user can spend in a calendar month.
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