The Manage Users Tab is where you can create and manage Rho user profiles for your organization, as well as specify their roles in the Rho application.

The Manage Users page lists the users name, email address, and Rho user role. User profiles are listed in the order they were created.

Adding a Rho User

To add a user profile, click the + button. The New User Profile window displays.

Specify the user information and click Save Changes to add the profile to the Manage Users page. Once the user profile is created, you can only modify the Monthly Spending Limit and User Role.

For more information about creating a user profile, see How do I add a team member to my Rho Account.

  • To edit the user profile, click Edit.

  • To delete the user profile, click Remove.

Changing a User Role

To change a user’s role, click the User Role drop-down list, and select the desired role. For more information about roles, see What are the different roles and permissions?

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