An international bank account allows you to directly send a payment to a foreign payee’s account, allowing them to receive the payment more quickly. When associating an international bank account with a payee, you may require an IBAN and a SWIFT/BIC number for the account.

From the Payees page, select the desired payee.

Once selected, click the Add Payment Type button. Then, click International from the What Type of Bank Account Is This? page.

The Rho application will display the Beneficiary Details page followed by the Beneficiary Address page, where you can confirm the Beneficiary information before you provide the account information. Review the information on each page for accuracy, and click Continue

Enter the bank details and select the desired currency for the beneficiary and click Continue:

From the Beneficiary Bank Account page, you must specify the account details for the beneficiary’s bank. The required account details on the page are based on the Currency and Country selected on the Beneficiary Bank Details page. Provide the necessary account information, as well as a nickname for the account, if desired, and click Continue to add the account to the payee.

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