From the Transfers page, you can send money via ACH transfer to any desired payee that is currently configured in Rho. You can schedule these transfers to happen immediately or at a later time, as well as schedule the transfers to be a recurring transaction.

Settlement Time: Standard ACH payments take between 1-3 business days to settle. ACH payments below $25,000 sent before 12:00PM ET will settle same-day. Settlement times can vary based on the policies of the recipient bank.

For more information about creating a Payee in Rho, see Adding Payees.

To transfer money, click the Transfers button. From the Transfers page, click the Send Money button. From the Send Money page, click ACH Transfer.

Click the Payee Name and select the desired Payee from the drop-down list. When finished, click Continue.

Specify the transfer information, and then click Create:

  • Transfer From
    Click the drop-down list to select the Rho account that the money is transferred from.
  • Transfer Amount
    Enter the amount of money to be transferred from the Rho account to the payee in US Dollars.
  • Frequency
    By default the money is scheduled to be transferred only once (One Time Only). To specify a recurring transfer, click the drop-down list and select the desired frequency:
    - One Time Only (default)
    - Every day
    - Every week
    - Every month
    - Every year
  • Assign from Budget
    To assign the ACH transfer to a specific Rho budget, click the drop-down list, and select the desired budget name. For more information about creating budgets, see Create a New Budget.
  • Memo
    Enter any notes or information to be associated with the ACH transfer.
  • Add Attachment
    To attach a bill or invoice to the transfer, click the Add Attachment button. An open dialog window displays, allowing you to navigate to the location where the file is located, and then click Open.
  • When will the transaction begin processing?
    By default, the money is scheduled to be transferred immediately (Now). To specify a later date, click Later and then click the calendar field to specify the desired date.

    All immediate transfers are displayed on the Past Transfers page, and all scheduled transfers are displayed on the Scheduled Transfers page.

Note: If you schedule a recurring transfer using the How often? field, the Rho application bases the transfer on the date specified in the When should it go through field. For example, if you schedule a monthly transfer (Every Month) with a schedule date of 01/01/2022, then the first recurring transfer will occur on 02/01/2022.

Confirm Transfer Details

After you create the Check Transfer a confirmation page displays. Review the Check Transfer information, and then click the Confirm Payment Details button to submit the transfer.

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