Using the Rho application, you can deposit a check into your account just as you would with any other bank. Make sure that you have endorsed the check by signing your name on the back.

All checks are deposited via photo check deposit, by capturing an image of both the front and back of the check and uploading it to the Rho application. Once captured, Rho validates the check and transfers the money into the specified account. Typically, funds are available in 10 business days after the check is uploaded.

Please note, check deposits take 3 business days to clear.

Each Rho Account may only receive up to $15,000.00 USD per day in check deposits (Example: one check for $15,000.00 USD, 3 separate checks for $5,000.00 USD may be deposited in a single day, etc).

  • You may deposit amounts in excess of $15,000.00 USD if you notify Rho in advance and Rho approves in writing. If a large check needs to be deposited, you may contact The Client Service Team and Compliance Team will review your request and grant or deny it. Please note, the check will display as “canceled” in your Rho Account unless approved by Rho.

To deposit a check, click the Banking icon from the Rho toolbar to open the Banking Dashboard. Click the desired account on the left side of the page to select it. Click Deposit Funds to view the Add Funds page. From the Add Funds page, click Deposit a Check.

Upload check images

You have two options to upload the images of your check:

Upload an Image

If you do not have a camera on your computer, or have already captured the front or back of the check image in .jpg or .png format, click the Upload An Image button. An open dialog window displays, allowing you to navigate to the location where the check image is stored, so you can select it. Once selected, the image is uploaded to the Rho application.

Take a Picture

To activate the default camera for your computer and capture the image of the check, click the Take a Picture button.

Center the check in the window, and click the Red button to capture the check image. If the image is accurate and visible, click Done. The image is uploaded to the Rho application.

Note: If you're having issues uploading a check please contact us at and someone will assist you.

Capture check details

Once the images of the front and back of the check are uploaded, click the Continue button. The check details page is displayed.

Specify the checking information, and then click Continue.

  • Sender
    Enter the name of the sender specified on the check.

  • How much was the check?
    Enter the amount of money specified on the check in US Dollars.

  • Deposit To
    Click the drop-down list to select the Rho account into which the check will be deposited. By default, the Rho Primary Checking account for your organization is selected.

Confirm Transfer Details

A confirmation page displays, click Confirm Deposit Details if the information is correct.

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