The Budgets page allows you to view your organization's Rho budgets in a tabular format. To view the Budgets Tab, click on the "Budgets" icon on your Rho Tool Bar

Edit Budget Settings

To view the specific activity of a Budget, simple click on the Budget Name from the list shown above, or by selecting the "ALL" Sub-Tab, and searching for the specific Budget there! Once on your desired Budget's Details page, you will see The Actions Button on the upper right-hand side of the screen. This button shows a dropdown menu that allows you to:

  • Manage Users (add/delete users from a Budget)

  • Access the Budget's Settings (Name, Amount, Cadence)

  • Archive or Close the Budget

Specify the new budget settings, and click Save Changes.

For information about these settings, see Creating a Budget.

Managing the budget users

To add new users to the budget or manage existing users, click the Action (...) button and select Manage Users. The Manage Users window displays. For more information, see Managing Budget Users.


The Balances section of the page displays the total spending and total budget for the specified reset cadence (time period), as well as displaying the total pending credits and debits.

Budget Graph

A pie graph that displays the total percentage of budget that has been spent on expenditures during the defined time period.

Spending Graph

A graph that displays the total spending assigned to the budget for the specified time period.

By default, the Spending Graph shows the information as a bar graph, where each colored bar represents a budget. To change the Spending Graph to a timeline graph, click the timeline icon.

Additionally, you can specify the frequency for the graph. Month is selected by default. Move your cursor along the graph to view the details of your Rho accounts on a specific time period.


The Budget Details page includes a table that displays the most recent Transactions assigned to the budget. To view all transactions for the table, click the View All button.

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