Using Rho you can view which users in your organization are assigned to a budget. When assigned to a budget, users can assign specific transactions to the budget. from the Manage Budgets page. Users with admin privileges can add a user to a budget from the Manage Budgets page, where you can also edit and delete the users assigned to the budget.

To access the page, click the Manage Budgets button from the Budgets page. For more information, see Viewing and Editing Budgets.

The Manage Users table provides the following information:

  • User
    The name of the user assigned to the budget.

  • Email
    The user's Rho email address.

  • Phone
    The phone number associated with the user.

  • User Role
    The Rho Application role currently assigned to the user. If you have admin-level privileges, you can change the user's role by clicking their role, and selecting a new one. For more information about User Roles, see What are the different roles and permissions?

Adding a New User to the Budget

To add a new Rho user to the budget, click the Add User button.

To add an existing Rho user to the budget, click the drop-down list, select the desired user, and then click Add Teammate.

Removing a User from the Budget

To remove a user from the budget the budget, click the Remove button for the user in the Manage User Table. Finally, click Remove Teammate on the confirmation window. The user is removed from the budget, and can no longer assign transaction to the budget.

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