To get to your Budgets section in Rho, click on the "Budgets" icon on your Rho Tool Bar which will open the sub-tabs for each area of the Budgets feature!

The Reporting Sub-Tab shows:

Total Spending,

Total Budget amounts

Pending Costs

Pending Debits

A bar or line graph showing recent activity:

The "All Budgets" Sub-Tab shows

  • Active budgets are displayed in tabular format.

  • Click Archived to view any budgets that have been archived.

  • Additionally, you can create a new budget by clicking the New Budgets button. For more information, see Create a New Budget.

The table provides the following information about your budgets:

  • Budget Color Label
    Displays the assigned color for the budget, used for identification in graphs.

  • Budget Name
    The name of the budget.

  • Number of Users
    The number of users in your organization associated with the budget.

  • Budget
    The amount of money budgeted for the account.

  • Period Spending
    The total amount of all expenditures for the specified time period assigned to this budget.

  • Reset Cadence
    The time period when the budget is reset. For example, if the Reset Cadence for your $10,000 Advertising budget is monthly, then on the first of the next month the Remaining Budget returns to $10,000, regardless of the current monthly expenditures.

  • Remaining Budget
    The percentage of the budget that remains to be spent for the specified time period.

To view the specific activity of a Budget, simple click on the Budget Name from the list shown above.

The Budget Details Page Shows:

  • Total Spending

  • Total Budget

  • Reset Cadence

  • Wheel of Spend

  • Graph of Spend

    You can filter all of the above by a specific date range or Day, Week, Month. Quarter, Year.

  • Recent Transactions Tagged to that Budget

  • The Actions Button on the upper right hand side allows you to:

    • Manage Users (add/delete users from a Budget)

    • Access the Budget's Settings (Name, Amount, Cadence)

    • Archive or Close the Budget

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