The Budgets page allows you to view your organizations Rho budgets in a tabular format. To view the Budgets page, click the Budgets tab from the Budgets Reporting page.

Additionally, you can create a new budget by clicking the New Budgets button. For more information, see Create a New Budget.

By default, all Active budgets are displayed in tabular format. Click Archived to view any budgets that have been archived.

The table provides the following information about your budgets:

  • Budget Color Label
    Displays the assigned color for the budget, used for identification in graphs.

  • Budget Name
    The name of the budget.

  • Number of Users
    The number of users in your organization associated with the budget.

  • Budget
    The amount of money budgeted for the account.

  • Period Spending
    The total amount of all expenditures for the specified time period assigned to this budget.

  • Reset Cadence
    The time period when the budget is reset. For example, if the Reset Cadence for your $10,000 Advertising budget is monthly, then on the first of the next month the Remaining Budget returns to $10,000, regardless of the current monthly expenditures.

  • Remaining Budget
    The percentage of the budget that remains to be spent for the specified time period.

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