When you click the Budget icon from the Rho Toolbar, the Budget page is displayed. The Budget page consists of two tabs:

  • Reporting
    Displays all of the spending from your organization’s budgets.

  • Budgets
    Lists all of the budgets that have been created for your organization. For more information about the Budgets tab, see Create a New Budget.

  • Labels
    Lists all of the labels that have been created for your organization. For more information about labels, see Understanding the Labels Page.

By default, the Reporting tab is selected when you click the Budget icon. This page displays the total spending and budgetary information for your organization. By fault, the Reporting tab displays information for all budgets for the current month.

Viewing Specific Budgets

To only view specific budgets on the Reporting tab, click the Budget drop-down list, select the desired budgets, and click Apply. The page is refreshed and only the information for those budgets is displayed.

Changing the Time Period

By default the Reporting tab displays budget information for the calendar month. To change the time period, click the This Month button to open a pop-up window where you can specify time period options.

Click the applicable time period button (for example, This Quarter) or customize the time period by selecting the desired dates in the From and To fields.


The Balances section of the page displays the total spending and total budget by Rho budgets for the specified time period, as well as displaying the total pending credits and debits.

Spending Graph

A graph that displays the total spending by Rho Budgets for the specified time period.

By default, the Spending Graph shows the information as a bar graph, where each colored bar represents a budget. To change the Spending Graph to a timeline graph, click the timeline icon.

Additionally, you can specify the frequency for the graph. Month is selected by default. Move your cursor along the graph to view the details of your Rho accounts on a specific time period.

Budget Account

The Budget Account table lists the name of each active budget, and its assigned color, used for identification in graphs. Additionally the table provides the following information about the budgets:

  • Adjusted Budget
    The amount of money budgeted for the account that has been adjusted to the specified time period. For example, if your daily Advertising budget for 2020 was $1,000, the adjusted budget when the time period is Yearly would be $366,000.

  • Spending
    The total amount of all expenditures for the specified time period assigned to this budget.

  • Budget Spent
    The percentage of the budget that has been spent for the specified time period.

You can click any budget to open its budget page, where you can view the full details of the budget or edit it.

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