The Team Cards page displays a list of all active, inactive, and cancelled Rho Cards that have been issued for any member of your organization. This page can only be viewed by users with an Admin or Bookkeeper role.

Rho Cards are listed alphabetically by Card Name in the All Cards table. You can scroll the table to review the Rho Cards.

To view the details of a specific Rho Card, select the card in the table to open it in the Card Details page. For more information about the Card Details page, see see Understanding the Card Details page.

Filtering Cards by Card Name

The left pane of the Team Cards pane lists all of the users who have been issued a card, even if that card is currently inactive or cancelled. Click to select the desired Card Name to display only those matching Rho Cards in the All Cards table.

Searching for a Card

To search for a specific card name, click the Search field in the left pane of the Team Cards page, and enter the desired search term.

Note: By default, when a Rho Card is created, the Card Name is the first and last name of the user who is assigned the card.

Other Filtering Options

Click the filter button (highlighted with a red circle in the graphic below) to display the other filtering options for the Team Cards page. Select your desired filters and click Apply Filters to view only matching Rho Cards in the All Cards table.

You can filter using the following criteria:

  • Card Type (Virtual or Physical)

  • Card Status (Active, Inactive, or Cancelled)

  • Organizational team names (For example, Accounts Payable)

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