To update your card settings first, navigate to your Cards Tab, and find the desired card by going to your My Cards or Team Cards sub-tabs.

Once you locate the card you would like to update, click on the card, which will direct you to the Card Details Page. Once there, click the Actions button in the upper right corner of the screen, and select Card Settings from the drop-down list.

The Card Settings page allows you to change the settings of your Rho Card, such as:

  • The card name

  • The assigned budget

  • The card limit

  • The permitted spending categories

For more information about the Card Details page, see Understanding the Card Details page.

Edit the desired settings (listed below) and then click Save Changes when finished.

  • Card Nickname: When the card is initially created, the Card Nickname is automatically populated with the first and last name of the user assigned to the card.

  • Budget (optional): Click the drop-down list to change the budget assigned to the card.

  • Spend from Account: The checking account assigned to the card. By default, the Rho Primary Checking account for your organization is selected.

  • Card Limit (optional): The maximum amount of money, in USD, that can be charged to the card in a calendar month. Click the number to change the credit limit.

  • Permitted Spending Categories (optional): Restrict Rho Card transactions to only the categories selected from the drop-down list. For example, you can select Airlines, Air Carriers and Airports, Flying Fields if you want the card to only be used for air travel expenses.

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