The My Cards page lists all of the Active and Inactive Rho Cards assigned to your account. The page is displayed when you click the My Cards tab from any Cards page.

  • To create a new card for your account, click the Create Card+ button. For more information about creating Rho cards, see Create a new Rho Card.

  • To view details about a specific card, click the applicable card to open the card detail page.

  • To activate an inactive card, see How do I activate an inactive Rho Card?

Card Details

On the My Cards page, the following details are displayed:

  • Card Name
    The name of the card. By default, the card name is your user name. To change the card name, see Can I change the name on my Rho Card?

  • Last 4
    The last four digits of the card.

  • Status
    The current status of the card (Active, Inactive, or Cancelled).

  • Budget
    The budget assigned to the Rho Card. To change the budget assigned to the card, see How can I assign or change a budget for a Rho Card.

  • Spend Account
    The checking account assigned to the card. By default Rho Primary Checking account for your organization is selected.

  • Card Type
    Lists whether the Rho Card is a physical card or a virtual card.

  • Spend Limit
    The maximum amount of money that can be spent using the Rho Card, if specified.

  • Period Spend
    The amount of money spent using the Rho Card during the current period.

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