The Rho Cards Overview page displays the recent activity of all of your Rho Cards. The page is displayed when you click the Cards icon from the Rho Toolbar.


The Balances section of the page displays the following information:

  • Credit Limit

    The overall amount that you have been approved to spend at any given time.

  • Current Balance
    The current total amount spent across all of your Rho Cards, minus any payments made.

  • Pending Charges

    A total sum of the charges that have been initiated but not yet settled (approved or denied) by the merchant. NOTE: Pending Charges are subtracted from your available credit.

  • Available Credit

    The amount you have left to spend before hitting your Credit Limit (this number accounts for the Current Balance plus the sum of Pending Charges).

    NOTE: To make an interim/mid-cycle payment in order to free up more available credit for continued spend, you can click the "Make A Payment" button in the upper right corner. This action will draw funds from your Rho checking account to pay down your balance.

  • Payment Due
    The date when your Current Balance payment must be made.

Card Spend

A timeline graph that displays transaction history for all of your Rho Cards. Each card is represented by a uniquely colored line in the graph.

The graph shows the following data, when selected:

  • All Time
    Displays the transaction history of your Rho Cards across the life of your account. Selected by default.

  • This Month
    Displays the transaction history of your Rho Cards in the past calendar month.

Move your cursor along the graph to view the details of your Rho Cards on a specific day.


The Overview page includes two tables that display the most recent Pending and Recent Transactions for your Rho Cards. To view all transactions for the table, click the View All button.

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