After you create a physical Rho Card, Rho will send you an email message when the card has been mailed and on its way to you. Typically Rho Cards arrive via mail in about a week.

For security purposes, all physical Rho Cards are shipped as inactive. On the day that the card is expected to arrive, Rho will send you an email with instructions on how to activate your card.

Once activated, you may begin spending with your new Rho Card.

For more information about creating a physical card, see Create a new Rho Card.

If you lose the link or accidentally delete the email, you can activate the card from your Rho account. Log into your Rho account, and select the card from the My Cards page. Click the Additional Options (Grey Ellipses) button and select Unlock Card.

A confirmation window displays, click the Yes, Unlock Card button to unlock and activate the card. The card now displays in the Active Cards section of the My Cards page.

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