Rho Cards are corporate cards that give you the control of a debit card combined with the security of a credit card. You can assign Rho Cards to every member of your team. Additionally, you can assign each card to a team budget. Rho Cards can be virtual cards that can be used instantly, or physical cards that are mailed to you in about a week.

Rho has designed these cards to help track and manage spending across your business. By using Rho Cards, members of a team can access all banking and card transactions from a single dashboard.

Note: You cannot use your Rho Card to withdraw cash from a bank ATM. Rho does not support cash advances or cash transfers using your Rho Card. Additionally, you cannot use your Rho Card for push-to-debit transactions.

Rho Card Details

The Rho Card does not require a personal guarantee. Rho will not conduct a hard or soft check on your credit score when you create a Rho Card. Rho Cards settle same-day and pull directly from the funds in your Rho account.

Rho Card Security

When using your Rho Card, you do not need to be concerned about fraud or misuse. Rho Cards use the Mastercard payment network, which provides world-class security and safety for your cardholders.

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