You can create a new Rho Card with a few simple steps, by navigating to your Cards Tab, and clicking the black and green + Create Card button in the top right-hand corner of the My Cards or Team Cards Sub tabs.

Specify the desired options and then click the Continue button.

  • Card Limit (optional)
    Specify the maximum amount of money that can be spent using the Rho Card, if desired. By default, the amount is in United States Dollars.

  • Spend from Account
    The checking account assigned to the card. All debit and credit transactions using the card are withdrawn and deposited (refunded) to this account. By default, the Rho Primary Checking account for your organization is selected.

  • Budget (optional)
    If desired, assign all transactions made with the Rho Card to the budget selected from the drop-down list.

  • Permitted Spending Categories (optional)
    If desired, restrict Rho Card transactions to only the categories selected from the drop-down list. For example, you can select Airlines, Air Carriers and Airports, Flying Fields, if you want the card to only be used for air travel expenses.

  • Type of Card
    Select whether you want to create a physical Rho Card or a virtual card. Rho will send the physical card by mail. Virtual cards can be used instantly upon creation.

    • NOTE: WE CANNOT SHIP PHYSICAL CARDS TO P.O. BOXES. Physical card shipping addresses must be physical addresses.

    • NOTE: When your physical card arrives: In order to activate your card please follow the pamphlet of instructions you were sent in the envelope with your new card. This will include a QR code and a special activation website. Please note, attempting to activate this card by "unlocking it" in your Rho account under the Cards Tab will not work.

Upon completion of this page, Rho displays a confirmation page. If you ordered a physical Rho Card, you will receive an email message when the card has been mailed to your address.

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