Finding Account Details

You can find the routing and account numbers for any Rho Account from its Account page. To access the Account page, click the Accounts icon in the Rho Toolbar, and select the tab for the desired Rho Account.

Then click the Account Details button to display the routing and account numbers (highlighted in yellow below)

You can also find detailed instructions for sending money to your Rho account by clicking the Admin button from the Rho toolbar, and then click the Documents tab.

The Documents Download section lists the instructions and account information required to sending money to any of your Rho accounts using the following methods:

  • Domestic Wire Instructions (Domestic Wire payments will reach your account within the same day if sent before 3:00PM ET in most cases. Settlement times can vary based on the policies of the sending bank.)
  • International Wire Instructions (International wires should arrive between 1-5 business days. Please let your business banker know if you are expecting to receive international wires.)
  • ACH Transfer Instructions payments. (Standard ACH payments take between 1-3 business days to settle.)
  • Void Check Template (for proof of account)

Click the options (...) button next to the desired instruction and select one of the following:

  • Download to download the instructions to your computer or device.
  • Email to send the instructions to your email address.
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