The Rho Dashboard is displayed when you log in to your Rho account. The Dashboard summarizes the balance and transaction information for all of your Rho checking accounts as well as your Rho Treasury account, if you have set it up.

Additionally, you can access each of your Rho accounts by clicking its tab. (For example, Primary Operating Account).


The Balances section of the page displays the current balance, the pending debits, and the available balance for all Rho accounts, including the Treasury Account.

Transaction Graph

A timeline graph that displays the inbound and outbound transaction history for all Rho accounts, including the Treasury Account. Each account is represented by a uniquely colored line in the graph.

The graph shows the following data, when selected.

All Time - displays the transaction history across the life of the account. Selected by default.

This Month - displays the transaction history in the past calendar month.

Move your cursor along the graph to view the details of your Rho accounts on a specific day.


The Dashboard page includes two tables that display the most recent Pending and Recent Transactions for the account. To view all transactions for the table, click the View all button.

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