Treasury Accounts are Rho business bank accounts that can offer FDIC insurance up to $75 million. Typically, Rho clients who utilize these accounts maintain a balance in their Rho Account for their monthly expenditures and then deposit additional funds into their Treasury Account to take advantage of the higher levels of FDIC insurance.

Transferring money

Treasury Accounts are limited to 6 outbound transactions (transfers) per month. However, there is no limit to the number of inbound transactions.

Typically funds transferred from your Rho account can take 1-2 days to settle. The cutoff time to submit funds to be transferred is 3:00 PM ET.

Note: Funds transferred from your Rho account to your Treasury account typically settle the same day, if processed before the cutoff time of 12:00 PM ET.

Viewing account details

To view the current balance of your Treasury Accounts, as well as any recent pending transactions, click the Treasury Account tab from the Rho Business Main Page to view the Treasury Account page.

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