Our rates

Rho Account (Checking) APY


FDIC insurance coverage per client Rho Checking Account


FDIC insurance coverage per client Treasury Management Account


Checking Account Minimum Balance Maintained

$100,000.00 USD per entity

Corporate Card Minimum Requirements

$10,000.00 USD in total charges per month across all Rho cards per entity.

Remote Check Deposit Limit

Each Rho Account may only receive up to $15,000.00 USD per day in check deposits (Example: one check for $15,000.00 USD, 3 separate checks for $5,000.00 USD may be deposited in a single day, etc).

  • You may deposit amounts in excess of $15,000.00 USD if you notify Rho in advance and Rho approves in writing. If a large check needs to be deposited, you may contact ClientService@Rho.co. The Client Service Team and Compliance Team will review your request and grant or deny it. Please note, the check will display as “canceled” in your Rho Account unless approved by Rho.

Permitted withdrawals per month from Rho Treasury Account


Our fees



Same-Day ACH Fee


Domestic Wire Fee


International USD Wire Fee


FX Fee

0.6% for most currencies

0.75% for Asia-Pacific currencies

Bill Pay


Additional cards and users


ATM Fees

Rho does not support ATM withdrawals.

Card Transactions

There are no fees for Rho card transactions, however international purchases do not earn cash-back.

Failed Wire and Recall Fees

Each failed wire transaction that is returned to your account will incur a $30USD fee.

Each wire that is sent in error and requires a recall to obtain the funds back to the originating account will also incur a $30USD fee.

*Correspondent or beneficiary bank fees may apply.

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