You can create a system for your team to make wire and ACH payment, and require approval from managers when these payments exceed a specific amount. Here's how to get started.

Add the team members who are making these payments to Rho using the Manage Users page. For more information about adding users, see How do I add a team member to my Rho Account.

Each team member must be assigned a user role in Rho, based on the tasks you want them to do. For more information about Rho User Roles, see What are the different roles and permissions?

Create rules for which team members can authorize payments using the Payments Settings section of the Account page. For more information about specifying approvers, see How can I require approval for specific transactions?

Once your system is in place, you can review the Transfers Overview page where you can see the status of payments, who has approved them and who still needs to, as well as approve transfers if you can authorize payments.

That's it! You're up and running. Give us a shout if you need any help.

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