Syncing with accounting software.

To get started with Quickbooks, first log in to Rho.

  1. Click the Integrations icon from the Rho toolbar.
  2. Click the Configure (gear) dropdown list above the Quickbooks icon, and select Add New to select Quickbooks.
  3. Follow the login instructions from there to connect to your Quickbooks account.
    *Please note, following these instructions you do NOT need to go into Quickbooks to "Add My Bank". You will not see Rho pop up as an option in the add your bank field. Rho connects to Quickbooks through our platform, not via bank feed on the Quickbooks site.
  4. Next, click the Account icon from the Rho toolbar to access the Rho accounts page.
  5. Click the Options (...) drop-down list and select Sync Quickbooks.

You only need to click this initially. After that, these transactions will sync automatically every night at 12:00 AM ET; however, to instantly synchronize your Rho accounts with Quickbooks, you can always use the Sync Quickbooks option..

Note: Your transactions will flow through to Quickbooks and appear in the CHART OF ACCOUNTS tab. If you've been using CSV uploads to sync your Rho account with Quickbooks so far, please give us a call. We'll get you set up.

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