My incoming funds haven't arrived!

The first step is to please confirm that sender followed our incoming funds instructions exactly. To find downloadable instructions on how to receive funds to your Rho account, you can go to the Admin Icon on your account dashboard, click on the grey Documents Tab at the top of the page, and you will find those documents on the right hand side of the screen under Documents Download. From here you are also given the option to email these forms to the sender directly from your dashboard!

If you have confirmed the sender followed these steps, please request the following information from them so we can try to help!:

If the transaction is an ACH: Request a trace number (typically a 15 digit number) from the sender's bank. We would be able to use this number to look into the transaction further.

If the transaction is a domestic or international wire: Request the federal reference numbers, (the IMAD and OMAD details) from the sender.

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