Yes, you can link Rho to a PayPal account. To link a business PayPal account to Rho, first log into PayPal. Find the 'Pay & Get Paid' tab. Then, select 'Banks & Cards' and 'Link a New Bank.'

Under the list of banks to connect, you will need to type in any mix of letters (eg. abcdefghi) in the search bar in order to prompt the option 'Don't see your bank here?'.

Once you see that option, click that to enter your Rho routing and account number details.

When connecting your Rho account, double-check that the name of the entity on your PayPal account explicitly matches the name of the entity on your Rho Business Banking account.

Micro-deposits will be used to link your account. The Micro deposits should appear in your Rho account from PayPal within 2-3 business days. Once they arrive you can log back into PayPal to confirm the amounts you received. Your connection will then be active!

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