See the transfers your company has made.

The Past Transfers page lists all of the transfers that have been made for your Rho account. To view the page, click the Transfers button from the Rho toolbar. From the Transfers page, click the Past Transfers tab.

The Past Transfers tab lists all Rho transfers in tabular format, providing the following information:

  • Date
    The date when the transfer was created.

  • Sender
    The account the money was transferred from.

  • Recipient
    The account or payee the money was transferred to.

  • Type
    The transaction type. For example, ACH-US, or WIRE-DOM.

  • Status
    The status of the transaction:
    C - Cancelled
    P - Pending
    Q - Queued
    S - Settled

  • Amount
    The amount of money transferred to the recipient in US Dollars.

Viewing transfer details

Click any transfer to view its details in the Transaction Details window. From here you can view complete information about the transfer as well as Split the transfer between multiple budgets, if desired.

Resend a transfer

To resent the transfer to the same recipient, click the Send Again button. The applicable transfer page is displayed, populated with the transfer details. Complete the transfer as instructed.

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